actress and performing artist

actress and performing artist

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Spirit Animal

 The Octopus is the most emotionally developed creature, and can take on the colors and patterns of its surroundings, not just changing as it passes over a color or texture, but actually seeing something from a distance and taking on its colors and patterns.  The Octopus mind can think in the ways of the things that it sees. I have heard that if an an octopus is swimming along and on one side it sees a male octopus that it wants to fight with, and on one side a female octopus that it wants to mate with, it can turn one side of its body angry colors, and one side flirty colors.
An Octopus has three hearts. This comes in handy for loving several other spirit animals with all your heart at once. And of course with eight arms...
Octopi can fit into small crevices. Their bodies are adaptable.
Octopi squirt ink to defend themselves. Or to express themselves.
Octopi are highly intelligent.
 The Octopus eats its own limbs when stressed. The octopus is trying to get better at this and preserve its lovely long fingers.
 The Octopus' travel methods include crawling, walking, jet-propulsion, flying, and swimming.

Yesterday I met another octopus. I asked if it was a sextopus (hoping I was not being too forward) but it explained that no, its other two legs were just hiding behind.

If you look close at the human hand in this picture, you can see my form. 

Today I met this big creature. It said it was just a baby, but it was standing on four legs. It had a big pink mouth that was very strong. At first I was afraid, but then I realized that it thought I was its mother. I think it misses its mother. I let it pretend I was its mother for a little while.